Tips to Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste

Tips to Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste

Do you know that an average of 60 million Plastic water bottles are put into waste every day? You probably might be wondering where all these plastic bottles go. Some of these go directly to landfill, and some on the ocean. We all admire the efficiency of drinking on a plastic bottle, for it is very easy to carry around, but do you know that according to research, in the year 2021 it will increase for another 20%, which will most likely give us a major environmental crisis.

People have been inculcating different ways to recycle or reuse a bottle by segregating it from biodegradable to non-biodegradable. However, due to the lack of effort on waste management, these plastic bottles contaminate our environment. That is why, to help save our mother earth, Ecoline Clothing chooses to recycle Polyethylene Terephthalate, for it is the most common bottle used around the world as it is used as a bottle for water and soft drinks, which are highly recommended for recycling. Moreover, aside from knowing the proper waste disposal as to where these bottles should belong, below are some of the resolutions Ecoline Clothing can suggest.

Turn Your Waste into Something Meaningful

To our knowledge, clothes are essential and we use them on a daily basis. We give other people a good impression of ourselves by the way we dress. It makes us look prim and proper, and helps us boost our self-esteem. Clothes help us cover our bodies and scars, it gives us pride and dignity. But what if the clothes we wear is something that we should be proud of having because it is made out of recycled bottles which can help reduce pollution?

Plastic Bottles have at least 450 years to 1000 years of lifespan, it is longer than an average human lifespan. There are a lot of things that we can do using these plastic bottles—but with Ecoline, we make these waste plastic bottles a sustainable fashion trend.

Because of the worldwide pandemic crisis that we’re currently experiencing, many realize that we have to make sure that everything around us is spick and span. Ecoline Clothing suggests the following drill to turn waste into something meaningful:

Recycled Bottles as Fabric

With regard to saving our beloved planet, what Ecoline Clothing does is gather PET bottles that are put into waste. We collect these plastic bottles and make sustainable fabrics out of them. Only 9% of the Earth’s plastic has been recycled, but we’re committed to boosting that percentage by using more recycled polyester every year.

Each Ecoline T-Shirt is made by used PET bottles and organic cotton. Wondering how?       It may sound unbelievable but it is truly a simple process. Used plastic bottles are collected for recycling. They are sorted and shredded into small flakes. PET flakes are then melted and squeezed into fiber. The fiber is colored in an eco-friendly process where zero drop of water is used. Then the fiber is mixed with organic cotton. These fibers are spun into yarn, the yarn is converted into fabric. Fabric is cut and sewn to create new clothes.

This makes Ecoline clothing extraordinary against other fashion brands. Sree Renga Polymers, the company which created this stand-out clothing brand, thought of having expansion 3 years from now to accelerate the Clean and Green global goal.

Reduce Bottle Lifespan

How does Ecoline Clothing help lessen the lifespan of these PET bottles? Just like what we have mentioned above, clothes are a necessity for our everyday life. Producing fabric out of PET bottles is one resolution to reduce waste by turning it into meaningful fashion wear like t-shirts, shrugs, and the very usable face masks for the new normal. By this, Ecoline Clothing helps lessen the threat of an environmental crisis that might happen ahead of us. These t-shirts that we make in order to save our mother earth, are guaranteed 100% sustainable. We ensure that we are producing high-quality fashion wear out of recycled plastic bottles with the goal of giving comfort and warmth. We set the seal on making these fashion wear worth having aside from being helpful to our environment.

What can you do to reduce wasted plastic bottles?

Go green! Aside from a guilt-free shopping spree here in Ecoline, here are some ways on how you can help reduce wasted plastic bottles:

Do Not Use Bottled Water or Bottled Sodas

As much as we love how magical these bottles can be as it is very easy to carry around, we highly recommend using or bringing your own water container. In this way, we can also refrain from using plastic straws which are also big contributors to the number of waste, just like plastic bags.

Support Items in Boxes

Boxes are very easy to get rid of by proper waste disposal or maybe recycling it into something. Instead of buying products sealed in plastic bags or using plastic bottles, we encourage everyone to buy items in box packages like cereals, milk or laundry detergents.

Support Companies that Empower Mother Nature

If we keep on supporting companies like Ecoline clothing that are concerned on our planet earth, we will be able to help them inch by inch on keeping nature alive and healthy. It is important that we empower our own habitat so that we can avoid future hazards that might occur in the next few years.

These are the simple things we can do to help save our planet earth. Remember that small steps are still progressive. With our discipline and care for our human habitat, we will be able to save not just the planet but ourselves and the future generation.

If you were amazed about Ecoline’s proposed resolution, be one of the few who cares about the Earth. Spread the word, shop now!