To create Sustainability in Fashion

Each garment you buy, you save 0.3kgs of CO2 from harming the atmosphere.

Each garment you buy, you save water from getting polluted due to textile dyeing.

Each garment you buy, you promote sustainable organic agriculture.

Our Brand Story

Sustainable Fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive

A few years ago, the term Sustainable Fashion was considered an oxymoron. The misconception was that if it is fashionable, it can't be sustainable. Because the fashion industry demands a lot of effort and resources which makes the sustainability factor negligible. Though some brands are adopting sustainable manufacturing methods, they result in a price surge and sustainable fashion was thrust into the realm of luxury.

We are changing this!

We create a hybrid fabric material by blending organic cotton with fibers made from recycled PET bottles. As a result, 90% of our products cost less than $10. It only takes 6 bottles for us to create an absolutely stunning T-shirt. We prove to the world that Sustainable Fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Say Goodbye to plastic wastes

According to Forbes, we use about a million PET bottles per minute and the wastes end up in Landfills and oceans. PET wastes take a whopping 400 years to decompose and by that time they would have already wiped out entire marine species. Ecoline Clothing is an ecowarrior that prevents this from happening. We are situated at the heart of Tamil Nadu and we recycle every PET waste discarded within a 300 KM radius. We plan to become a Global Brand that would completely eliminate the inappropriate disposal of PET wastes across the world.

Saving the Soil with Organic Cotton

Producing 1kg of cotton consumes 20,000 liters of water and producing one T-shirt requires about 2500 liters of harmful chemicals. That’s why we replace cotton with organic cotton. Organic cotton uses only 10% of the water when compared to the “conventionally” grown cotton. No synthetic chemicals are used in the production. Instead, we use organic manure.

Zero-Waste Philosophy

Not only do we procure our raw material from wastes, but convert our wastes into raw material too. The Sludge produced while cleaning the PET bottles is converted into bricks. We convert food wastes into organic fertilizers to cultivate the cotton that we use for the hybrid fabrics.

Dyeing without a Single Drop of Water

In general, textile dyeing requires 2.4 trillion gallons of water every year. Our dope dye technology doesn’t require a single drop of water. Besides, the water used for cleansing the PET bottles is treated and reused.

Clothes that fight COVID-19

Despite being crafted by world-class designers, 90% of our products cost less than $10. Each apparel comes with a potent antimicrobial coating that protects you during the pandemic. Our softhansing techniques give your skin a soothing feel. By providing an unmatched breadth of comfort, we prove to the world that Sustainable Fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Overall, Ecoline apparels are sustainable, pocket-friendly, anti-microbial, and fashionably stunning.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Our TShirts are made from recycled plastic bottles. We use approximately six water bottles to create a TShirt.

Sustainable Cotton

Sustainable cotton is grown is a way that can maintain levels of production With minimal environmental impact

Colouring Technology

We use innovative new technology that pretexts the finer, making the dyeing process significantly more efficient and sustainable.

We champion the cause of environment protection.

We have created the culture of upcycling plastic waste. We introduced fashion from waste. We offer sustainable t-shirts for brands, corporates, events, bulk buyers, wholesalers etc., let us know your spec and we’ll get back to you.

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